About NYS

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Shenzhen Nuoya Sen Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Bao'an Shenzhen , we use Taiwan and United States' equipment, professional production of high stability, high reliability, high-precision and ultra-high precision, low temperature coefficient and very low temperature coefficient resistors . As a  high-tech enterprises of production resistors,  use of European and American advanced production technology, rich set of ten years of production and quality management experience. Our strength has a strong and high-tech personnel, in strict accordance with ISO9002 international quality certification standards for management, efforts to enhance staff's quality consciousness, we has passed the British BSI's audit.

Our production of high precision and high precision metal film resistors with high stability and reliability, accuracy of up to 0.01%, the temperature coefficient TCR as low as 1ppm/oC.

Our introduction, development and production of uranium metal film resistors with high stability, high reliability, high accuracy, low temperature coefficient, the pulse load capability, low voltage coefficient of performance, has successfully replaced many Japanese Koa and Vishay the company's similar products, widely used in communications equipment, high-quality power supply, precision instruments and meters and other fields.

For close coordination and continuous product development to meet the customers needs, I have launched a series of the Division for surface mount MELF resistors, also known as wafer resistance, columnar resistance or non-lead resistance and so on, including the ultra-sophisticated, ultra-low temperature coefficient of RJM series, ultra-high resistance, high operating voltage of the RGM uranium metal film resistors. This series of products are small size, high stability, the power load capacity, high pressure a number of advantages, but can also produce according to user-designed resistance to make up for a sheet resistors in the above shortcomings, in particular, the fundamental solution of the film shaped resistor unable to meet the challenges of small quantity orders.

Excellent quality and the best price for us to win the market, perfect after-sales service and has praise from our consumers. NYS will continue to make greater achievements with you.