Corporate Culture

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Nuoya Sen Mission

  • Create a trustworthy, excellent and preferred brand in the power supplies’ field, protect the earth’s ecological environment, make positive contributions to the society.

Nuoya Sen Tactic

  • Unceasingly management innovation to achieve high efficient operation, make sure delivery in high quality, continually create the effective competition in the market, maximize customers' values.

Nuoya Sen Spirit

  • Customer value, professional integrity, results, create a win-win

Core Competence

  • Strong team with sincere cooperation, technological innovation and continuity enhance the high operation efficient of management.

Management of Concept

  • United thinking, humanization, Profession and scientification.

Core Values

  • Honor, dream, responsibility and mission are growth processes that Nuoya Sen pursues unceasingly.

Everybody attends to his own duties and fulfils his own responsibilities. Shenzhen Nuoya Sen Precision Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. regularly trains employees in technical qualities in order to promote and enhance their actual operation skills. During after work hours, Nuoya Sen people hold various literary and art activities for entertainment. A good enterprise culture fosters and brings up an optimistic, positive, ambitious, and upward team with strong executive power. This team concentrates and shoulders Nuoya Sen's hopes and expectations in the future development.